Normal Maintenance Activities continue.

Practice area now open! Chipping, pitching and putting practice area (0 - 50 yard shots only please) around the vacant humpback green on the back nine (old # 16).

Golf Rule of the Week:

In stroke play, during a stipulated round of 18 holes, a player employs a young boy as a caddie for the first 9 holes. For the second 9 holes, he employs a friend, who just competed in the same event. What is the ruling?

  • A. There is no penalty.
  • B. There is a two-stroke penalty.
  • C. He is disqualified.

Answer: A. There is no penalty.

Next Tournament is the:

LCC Medal Play Championship - 2017

When: August 19-20: Starts at 1:15 each day.
Registration: Let Board know in advance for planning.
Flighting: All divisions, including ladies.
Cost: $30

Following Tournament:

Next Tournament in September is the September 4 - Labor Day Scramble (4 Person)

When: Monday, September 4
Registration: 12:30 - Clubhouse
Start Time: 1PM
Cost: $30 per person
Teams: Bring your own team or be matched up if you don't have 4

Happy Golfing!!