Normal Maintenance Activities continue. As always, please use care when driving carts in wet areas and observe the distance stakes around the greens.

Practice area now open! Chipping, pitching and putting practice area (0 - 50 yard shots only please) around the vacant humpback green on the back nine (old # 16).

Golf Rule of the Week:

In stroke play, prior to taking his stance, a player removes a stake defining out of bounds that interferes with his line of play; he replaces the stake before playing. What is the ruling?

  1. There is no penalty.
  2. There is a one-stroke penalty.
  3. There is a two-stroke penalty.

Answer: C. There is a two-stroke penalty. (Decision 13-2/25; and the Definition of Out of Bounds)

Welcome to 2018! Still cold and wet, with hope for warm and dry.
The 2018 Annual Stockholders meeting will be held at 6 PM on Thursday, February 15 at the Clubhouse.

It will only take about an hour to look at our finances and discuss any issues our Stockholders have. We will also elect two new Board Members since Johnny Hatcher, President and Jody Fulton are rotating off the Board. Great work and thanks to you both for your service!! Also, the 2018 Tournament Committee and Membership Committee will be appointed.

Happy Golfing!!